Gallus group established its independent security center in 2015. The security center is equipped with the most innovative security devices, which work each day of the year, 24 hours a day. The notifications from the security equipment in our sites and alert events arrived in the security center are analyzed, evaluated by the specially trained colleagues of the center. In case of emergency, the security staff intervenes instantly on the spot. A cloud-based security system was launched in 2016 that constantly monitors the closure of the poultry houses and their actual temperatures. The system alerts even in case of blackouts, and the current monitoring records can be checked online and can be saved as well. The aim of the ongoing developments is to improve the quality conditions in the poultry houses by monitoring and evaluating the data. Thus the quality of our products also improve and we can provide top quality to our current and future partners and customers making use of our modern security equipment.

Even our integration partners may use our security services, remote monitoring and the cloud-based monitoring system. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact our Security Manager!

Each of our sites is observed by security cameras 24 hours a day. Currently, altogether 186 security cameras send images of 18 objects that are real-time monitored by the staff of the Security Center.

The Security Center also has a vehicle GPS tracking device that monitors the moves of our own vehicles, as well as enables us to track the products being transported. Security Center staff are in charge of real-time monitoring, loss prevention, detection, receiving and evaluating notifications transferred by security systems, making alert reports and summaries, administration and evaluations.

Data management is done in compliance with the regulations of  The Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information. The data extracted from the system and then processed are forwarded to the organizational units of the Gallus-group by the Security Center staff, thus making the production process more secure and trackable. Even double/back-checking is plausible based on the files saved.

Gallus-group made a huge development in 2016 in the system of property protection that is a milestone in security technology. A cloud-based remote monitoring system was installed. The work of the Gallus Security Center is supported by the M2M remote monitoring system by Vodafone-Cubilog. Owing to the fact that the cloud-based security system can provide real-time data regarding the closure of the poultry houses, their current temperature and blackouts, these data can be monitored and tracked online. The current results of the checking are observed on an online surface, and the data saved by the system is avaiable for even one year.

The essence of the complete security technology system designed and installed by Gallus-group is security, savings and quality of even higher level. In the long run, it can provide some income for Gallus. The company would like to offer its integration partners the opportunity of making use of security technology services in the future business model. As planned, services such as joining the Security Center, installing the camera system, remote monitoring system as well as the cloud-based monitoring system. Increasing security at the partners and the ongoing compliance with the regulations result in eliminating production and security risks, while the competence of the system contributes to producing top quality products.