Chicken on foam tray

The foam-trayed products of Gallus-group are available in light traditional packaging in most supermarkets in Hungary. The own branded products of the company are sold under the brand „Our chicken” on foam trays. The products by Gallus-group contribute to a balanced diet, thanks to their practical packaging and to their high level of processing, the housewives have it easier and the time spent in the kitchen is shortened.

The following products are available on foam trays: chicken leg, chicken thigh, chicken thigh filet, chicken drumstick, chicken leg with rump, chicken breast filet, chicken breast unboned, chicken wing, grill chicken (gutted, without giblets), grill chicken (gutted, with giblets), chicken liver, chicken heart, chicken liver with heart.

The products of our own brand „Our chicken” are available in Spar, Metro as well as at partners in Croatia, Slovenia and Austria.