We pay a special attention to optimal feeding so as to rear livestock of excellent quality. One of the most essential points in large-scale broiler production is to select the appropriate fodder-line. Fodder costs give the biggest part of broiler feeding costs. By selecting an outstanding fodder-line, costs can be decreased at sites with proper animal health and environmental conditions, so the profitability of broiler rearing can develop.

Gallus Ltd. takes into consideration the genetic development of the hybrid types Cobb 500 and Ross 308 we hatch and sell as well as the changing expectations by the farmers regarding the fodder. The granulated fodder-mixes we produce are adjusted to the development phases of the chicken: from day-old to finish before cutting. The broiler fodder we produce is free from antibiotics and animal protein.

Gallus Ltd. finds it extremely important to introduce new developments and that the broiler fodder-mixes should be up to these needs. Lesion Scoring has been done for several years in our selected sites so that the coccidiostats can be selected in time and we can make the change in the integration, before the performance-decreasing effects of coccidiosis may appear.

22-24 000 tons of fodder-mixes are produced in the Devecser site a year. The fodder is made hygienic at high temeprature in the fodder-mixing plant, and we pay a special attention to eliminate Salmonella from the fodder and to keep it free from it. The quality of the fodder we produce is always being controlled in this respect in our own laboratory.

thousand tons fodder a year

Gallus-group produces 2 000 tons fodder from the fields of 3 500 000 m2 a year. Besides producing, it buys fodder supplies from strictly controlled partners. Fodder mixing is done in the Devecser site of the company, and we buy it from external partners in the quality, composition, nutrients content we define. The own fodder production, the strict quality regulations and the own fodder mixing guarantee that our chickens are only fed with top quality fodder free from animal protein and antibiotics, and this is the way how our customers are always provided with products of excellent niveau.

If you have any questions, or you would like to buy our fodder, please contact our specialists!