Our broiler chickens are reared by ourselves as part of the fully integrated operation. The corporate group has a rearing capacity of 800 000 in the 6 sites. Our ultimate goal is to continually meet the needs set and expected by our customers, so rearing is managed under constant control of quality assurance while insisting on the highest quallity expectations.

Our chickens are hatched in Hungary, in compliance with the strictest regulations. They are reared under constant veterinary supervision by Hungarian hands, fed with healthy, controlled fodder that was domestically grown and is free from antibiotics, animal protein and growth enhancers. The optimal solutions are targeted to be searched for and to be applied in circumstances in poultry houses as well.

thousands of rearing capacity

The security and remote monitoring system at our sites are designed to constantly monitor the conditions set in the regulations/policies by sending instant notification to the security center for example if the temperature in the rearing house is not proper, or there was a blackout, or someone may have opened the door before or after the shift. All monitoring results and records are available and trackable, which also ensures to fully meet the requirements of constant top quality.

The two most widely-spread and known hybrid types are reared in our poultry houses: