The brand „Our chicken” was launched in 2014 by Gallus-group, which guarantees Hungarian quality chicken meat for the consumers.

Our objective is to produce top quality chicken meat under strictly controlled circumstances, implementing high technology and using impeccable fodder in feeding, the preparation of which is supervised by us from hatching to final processing. We have selected especially good ingredients from controlled sources and created a product family that consists of healthy and delicious meals easy to cook. This is „Our chicken”. This brand guarantees that the fresh or pan chicken in the shopping cart that was hatched from a Hungarian egg in Hungary in compliance with the strictest regulations, under constant veterinary controll, reared by Hungarian hands, fed by healthy, controlled fodder that was produced domestically, which is free from antibiotics, animal protein and performance enhancers. Every customer can be sure that Our chicken is an excellent choice.

Our chicken hatches at us. We feed it and rear it with prudent care. Origin certification and the tracking system are supervised by an external, independent organization that is acknowledged by even the Swiss Animal Health Authority. We operate in an integration that invites only hatcheries, fodder-producers, rearing farms to be members that accept and comply with our extremely strict regulations and are up to our standards. This is the way how our chicken is guaranteed to be well-reared, from which healthy and delicious Hungarian products and specialties of controlled quality can be made. Our company plays an important role in the poultry sector in Hungary. All the developments and the expertise accummulated serve one goal: chicken meat of impeccable quality should be served on each table.