Taravis Ltd. and Taravis Plusz Ltd.

Taravis Ltd. was established in 2001 as part of the business corporate group, to cut, process and sell the chickens raised in Gallus integration. The slaughterhouse in Sárvár produces the third biggest cutting numbers among the Hungarian broiler chicken-slaughterhouses, after some significant developments were implemented. The management made a decision in 2001 to build a processing plant for broiler chickens as a green-field investment as well as to create full integration.

This investment was a 1 billion HUF worth infrastructural and technological development project. This background enables the company to assure the compliance with the strictest Western European regulations and to meet the business and quality management requests by export and domestic partners. 15 million broiler chickens are processed in the new hall of cc. 3 000 m2 a year while extending the production on and on. We think it is extremely significant, as these investments were managed during the period of the economic crisis.

As an integrator business, Taravis Ltd. developed a system of “origin certification and trace tracking” first in Hungary in the poultry sector so as to meet the market requirements at top level. The full proccess of integration is covered by certifying the origin and trace-tracking, as well as their documentation: from placing day-old chicks, raising boiler chickens through producing feed to processing and deliviring poultry meat.

Taravis Ltd.

Taravis Plusz Ltd. started its operation in 2005 : this plant further processes poultry meat. It produces severally deep-frozen products and the ready to cook, marinated product family. Besides the products that are primarily processed from fresh chickens originating from the own integration, marinated and ready-to-cook pan meals are introduced to the portfolio of the company. The Gallus-group launched the brand „Our chicken”, which guarantees consumers Hungarian top-quality chicken meat.

The guarantee for the excellent quality of our products is assured by the fully provided MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 Quality management and HACCP systems as well as by the committed professionals with mostly decades of experience.

Gallus–group has strengthened its market-leader position in Hungary during the past quarter century by its ongoing investments and developments. The company was awarded the prize of Business Superbrands in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 too.