1960. January

The predecessor Devecser State Farm starts its operation of poultry rearing

1991. January

Gallus Ltd. is launched as a Hungarian family business

2002. January

Taravis Ltd. is launched as part of the Gallus-group, the slaughterhouse in Sárvár is built

2005. January

Gallus-group starts manufacturing deep-frozen and ready to cook products

2009. January

The animal health laboratory in Gallus-group is accredited

2011. January

The even internationally significant hatchery in Devecser starts its operation

2013. January

The capacity of the broiler-rearing system is extended substantially

2014. January

The brand „Our chicken” is launched

2015. January

The Gallus product „Serpenyős” („Pan”) is awarded „Product of the Year”

2016. January

The Gallus-group invests in its slaughterhouse

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