Ákos Szabó

Gallus-group Managing Director
Tel.: +36 88 224 118

Ákos Szabó graduated from the Faculty of Food Industry, University of Szeged. He gained experience in poultry rearing in England, Ireland, and USA, as well as from his father, István Szabó. He mastered poultry rearing and processing as a second generation company owner. He was appointed Managing Director of Gallus-group in 2013, and also the one of Taravis Ltd. in 2014. He has responsibilities especially in strategy and international tasks. He was deeply involved in the expansion of the corporate group abroad, and in increasing export revenue share. He is committed to the ongoing innovation of the company group. The hatchery in Devecser was built and the renewal in the slaughterhouse in Sárvár was accomplished under his supervision. He believes in the continuous technical and professional development.

Péter Szabó

Gallus-group Managing Director
Tel.: +36 88 224 118

Péter Szabó graduated as Architectural Engineer from Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He gained experience as Architect in London, Stockholm and Budapest, and mastered poultry raising and processing from his father, István Szabó as 2nd generation business owner. Besides managing an architectural business of his own, he has been working for Gallus group since 2011. He successfully delivered the groupwise integration and centralization project of Purchasing. From 2016 on, he is responsible for managing real estate issues of the company group (liaising with construction permitting, cadastre or other authorities). He leads the departments of Investment, Accounting and Controlling from January 2020.

Gábor Agócs

Gallus-group Security Manager
Tel.: +36 70 933 7920

He has been working for Gallus-group since November 2014, he heads property security in the corporate group. He started his professional career at the Border Guard Directorate in Szombathely. As a Senior Associate, he worked at alien policing and later at intelligence. After The National Border Guard ceased to exist, he turned to property security. Before Gallus-group, he worked as a property security manager. He managed the designing and installing process of 24-hour monitoring system at the sites of the Gallus-group as well as the modern security center.

Zsuzsa Horváthné Kamondi

Gallus-group bank contact
Tel.: +36 88 224 118

She is the professional in charge of banking and taxation in the company group. After graduating from the College of Finance and Accounting in Zalaegerszeg, she worked for the Devecser State Farm and since 1991 for Gallus Ltd. as Chief Accountant, and later as CFO.

Kornél Humpók

Gallus Ltd. Hatchery Plant Director
Tel.: +36 88 224 118

He has been working for Gallus Ltd. since 2008 as Hatchery Director. The Gallus hatchery in Devecser was extended to have double capacity under his leadership. Graduated as an Animal Hunbandry Engineer, he worked for Gallus Ltd. even during college years, he has been employed since 2002: as a trainee, from 2004 in managerial position. Besides the hatcheries in Devecser and in Kimle, from 2008 on, he is responsible for the hatchery in Bábolna too, as Hachtery Plant Director. He is constantly searching for professional developments, participates in conferences, finds professional support in sharing best practices and in visiting other plants in Hungary and abroad.

Szilárd Keresztes

Gallus Ltd. Feed-mix Plant Director
Tel.: +36 88 224 118

Graduated as an Animal Nutrition Engineer, he works for Gallus Ltd. from 1997, as Feed Director from 2002. He worked as Deputy in the parent stock plants, introduced egg vaccination in the hatchery and led the premix plant in the early years. Currently he manages the production of broiler feeds in the feed-mix plant. He participated in several experiments at Gallus Ltd. such as substituting animal protein with plant protein, granulation experiments, using Betafine instead of Choline Chloride, applying phytase and NSP enzymes, making use of by-products, introducing sunflower seed grist and rapeseed press in nutriments, and also in experiments with different toxin binding agents, with organic microelements, as well as with pro- and prebiotics.

Szilárd Kiss

Gallus-group Technical Director
Tel.: +36 88 224 118

Mr. Szilárd Kiss joined Gallus-group in April 2017. He is in charge of the technical supervision in the company group as well as of technically managing new investments and developments. He gained comprehensive professional experience of almost 15 years while managing his own construction firm. Szilárd is eager to find innovative solutions, pays special attention to efficiency during technically supervising development projects closed as well as those to be completed. He has set planning and organizing as top priority in work.

dr. Konc Gábor

Gallus Ltd. Broiler Veterinarian
Tel.: +36 88 224 118

He is employed at Gallus Ltd. from December 2016. After graduating from the Veternary University of Budapest, he worked in the cattle sector in Germany. Later he practiced as an Official Veterinarian at a slaughterhouse in Veszprém County.

Ervin László

Gallus-Group Head of HR
Tel.: +36 70 938 8711

He works as HR Head of Gallus company group from 2012. Graduated as Economist in Finance and Human Resources Consultant, he worked previously in the fields of Sales, Finance and HR in large business environment. He has been sharing his knowledge as a lecturer and teacher in training events of economics and HR. He regards openness, empathy as significant features and emphasizes that his profession needs the ability of good outreach and ongoing self-development. It was under his leadership that the company was awarded „Disabled-Friendly Workplace” and „Family-Friendly Workplace”.

Oszvald Lokita

Gallus-group Regional Director
Tel.: +36 88 224 118

Mr. Oszvald Lokita has been working for Gallus Ltd. as Regional Director since 2013. He is responsible for managing the day-old chicks sales activities in the international markets such as Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia and Croatia, as well as for those in Eastern Hungary. Graduated as Agricultural Engineer, he started his career at Bereg Gabona Inc. as Plant Manager. He worked there later as Sector Manager and then as Production Manager. He supported the sales activities at Gallus-group from 2009 as professional consultant.

Gyula Pintér

Gallus-group Purchase Director
Tel.: +36 88 224 118

He joined Gallus-group in May 2017 with responsibilities in Purchase and Logistics. Graduated as an Economist, he started his career at an international telecommunication company in managerial positions in b2c and b2b sales fields. He participated in several product launches during his career based on his experience in marketing and technology. As a Sales Manager at large businesses, he was specialized in sectors of agriculture, industry and logistics. He is proud of his achievements in designing and implementing cloud-based energy management and remote monitoring systems.

Roland Szita

Gallus Ltd. Deputy Managing Director, Production Director
Tel.: +36 88 224 118

He started to work at Gallus Ltd. in 2008. He is Deputy Managing Director, in charge of Production from 2011 meaning that he manages the livestock production of the corporate group. He is responsible for making production strategy, managing the sites, planning the investments, organizing the production process. 480 000 breeding parents are installed a year under his management. These birds produce the breeding eggs, out of which the day-old chicks are hatched. He participated in the development of integration in broiler production by Taravis Ltd. He supervises feed issues as well. Poultry in the corporate group and in the integration sites are fed with 90 000 tons of fodder annually, the production of which he organizes and controlls. Roland Szita graduated as Agricultural Engineer in Economy and Engineer in Business Management. He started his career in food industry, then worked a year at a bank, where he was in charge of corporate issues.

dr. Mária Tóth

Gallus Ltd. Head of Laboratory
Tel.: +36 88 224 118

As a Veterinary Microbiologist, she is the Head of the accredited microbiological Laboratory of the company from 2010. She gained her relevant professional experience in the Animal Health Laboratory of Bábolna Agricultural Combinate, in the microbiological laboratory of the Animal Health and Food quality controll site of Vas County and as the Official Veterinary in Taravis Ltd.