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History of the Gallus group

Our company, Gallus Poultry Farming and Hatching Ltd. celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2016. The company started its operation on 1 September 1991, is 100% owned by a Hungarian family business ever since. Its predecessor company, the Devecser State Farm operated from the beginning of the 1960s in the Hungarian poultry sector. The sites of the Gallus-group are located in the Western Transdanubia and in the Central Transdanubian region, the headquarters are in Devecser and in Sárvár. The company’s hatcheries are in Devecser and in Bábolna, the slaughterhouse in Sárvár, the processing plant is in Bakonypölöske. The further 12 agricultural sites are to be found in Vas and Veszprém counties.

The profile of the Gallus Ltd. has been raising and rearing parent stock, hatching the eggs produced during the rearing as well as feed production and feed mixing. As the company was eager to cover the full product line from the fields to the table, Taravis Ltd. was launched in 2001 as part of the corporate group to cut, process, pack and sell the chickens raised in the integration. Taravis Ltd. produces by 2016 the third biggest cutting numbers among the Hungarian slaughterhouses for broiler chickens in Sárvár. The poultry processing plant of the corporate group started its operation in 2005 in Bakonypölöske, which manufactures severally deep frozen products as well as the ready to cook, marinated product family. Gallus Ltd. has been operating an accredited laboratory since 2009, which serves as a public animal health service provider and plays a great role in the protection from salmonellosis.

The average number of the staff in the group is almost 900 employees, moreover, the integration of Tavaris Ltd. offers a living for almost 50 farmers and their employees. The company is one of the biggest employers in the region.

The annual net revenue of Gallus-group was almost 16 billion HUF in 2009, in 2011 it was 21 billion HUF, in 2016 it exceeded even 25 billion HUF.

The share of export in the total revenue is growing constantly, it reaches 1 million EUR monthly within the corporate group. The company provides supplies to several supermarket chains in Hungary. Fresh products are transported to Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia on a daily basis, and several times a week to Germany and Switzerland.

1960. January

The predecessor Devecser State Farm starts its operation of poultry rearing

1991. January

Gallus Ltd. is launched as a Hungarian family business

2002. January

Taravis Ltd. is launched as part of the Gallus-group, the slaughterhouse in Sárvár is built

2005. January

Gallus-group starts manufacturing deep-frozen and ready to cook products

Our history in milestones

The Gallus-group in figures

  • 100 000 tons feed consumption
  • Hatching 75 millions meat hybrid day-olds annually
  • 15 million broiler chickens are cut annually
  • 1 million EUR monthly export revenue
  • almost 900 employees
  • 25 billion HUF net revenue in 2016
  • More than 1 billion placed eggs during the 25 years
  • More than 800 million chicks hatched during the 25 years

“Expertise, the perfect professional staff and the acknowledement of all the employees have enabled Gallus Ltd. to be successful throughout the past decades. Although it is a new generation in production, the management is eager to build on the bases of the past 25 years in the next 25 years. Our mission is to play a significant role in the poultry section, and we are happy to make use of our expertise to contribute to Hungarian agriculture’s being acknowledged in Europe.”

István Szabó

Our history in pictures

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