Information for website visitors

The personal data of visitors are managed in compliance with data protection and data safety policy by Gallus Ltd. and Taravis Ltd. The Operator of informs the visitors of the homepage about the practice regarding personal data management as well as about the visitors’ rights and their opportunities to enforce them.

The data managers are Gallus Ltd. (registered seat: 8460 Devecser Levente telep 1)

and Taravis Ltd. (registered seat: 9600 Sárvár, Rábasömjéni utca 129.)

 The website automatically collects information linked to visitors (IP address, time spent, place, user habits etc.) by Google Analytics, which is analyzed in the statistics of the homepage activity. For this purpose, cookies are placed on the visitors’ computer.

While accessing the homepage, the following data are automatically recorded: the beginning and end of the User’s visit , and in some cases – depending on the options set on the User’s computer – the type of the browser and the operational system. The system generates statistics based on these data automatically.

Data provided while accessing the website are managed with the User’s voluntary consent.

Data management serves the purposes of keeping contact between registered users of website services and data manager as well as of public opinion research.

It is only for statistical purposes that the time of the visit, and the type of the browser and the operational system are logged and recorded.

Data manager does not use personal data for purposes other than defined. Data provided like this are managed with the user’s voluntary consent.

All data and facts regarding the users are handled confidentially on, they are only used for developing its services, selling ad surfaces, and making own researches, statistics.

Reports about them are published only in a way that no individual user can be identified.

Colleagues of the data manager have access to personal data provided by users.

Personal data are not transferred to third party by the data manager. It is not applicable in case of compulsory data transfers stipulated in law, which is very rare. Before completing official data requests, the data manager evaluates regarding each data whether there is a justified claim for data transfer.

Users may request information about how their personal data are managed. The data manager informs the user about the following: data provided by the user, the purpose, justified claim and period of data management, name and address of the data processor (Gallus Ltd. registered seat: 8460 Devecser Levente telep 1. and Taravis Ltd. registered seat: 9600 Sárvár, Rábasömjéni utca 129.), and activities regarding data management, as well as who and for what purposes received data. The information can be requested via mail (Gallus Ltd. registered seat: 8460 Devecser Levente telep 1. and Taravis Ltd. registered seat: 9600 Sárvár, Rábasömjéni utca 129.)or by e-mailing to

Using these contacts, the user can initiate modification or deletion of personal data.

Data will be deleted in case the services of the homepage are not used appropriately, or if the user requests it. Data will be deleted in 8 days after the workday the deletion request arrived.

Users have the right to claim or appeal at the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information:

Seat:     1024 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C.


Please be informed that by visiting of Gallus Ltd. and Taravis Ltd., you accept the policies described above and give consent to data management.