There is a capacity to hatch 90 million eggs in the hatcheries of the corporate group in Devecser and Bábolna a year. The hatchery for broiler day-olds in Devecser was modernized by EU funding: the newest hatching technoology was implemented. It means that it became the largest capacity and most modern hatchery for broiler day-olds in Hungary.

million breeding eggs can be hatched a year

75 million day-old chicks are hatched for own use annually, but depending on the actual capacity we can provide contract hatching as well.

Our hatcheries are equipped with moden technology, the contract hatching is done at a high professional, technological and hygenic level so that healthy day-old chicks can be reared and delivered to our clients. A special attention is paid throughout the process to ensuring the optimal temperature, the appropriate humidity and ventillation as well as to rotating so that the best results can be delivered during the hatching process. Our equipment is totally automatized and computer-aided, thus the conditions are constantly evened and correspond to hatching phases. Both of our hatcheries are equipped with in ovo vaccination machines, thus the birds sold to clients and partners are immunized according to the current epidemiological status.

Each phase of the hatching is planned and done in compliance with the provisions of the animal protection law, which results in a reliable and top quality production.

If you have any questions or would like to request contract hatching, please contact our colleague.