Our corporate group raise 6 million broiler chickens a year in almost 50 of our own poultry grow-houses. We hatch the eggs ourselves, and we rear the chicks hatched from those eggs. The fact that other poultry meat producers buy Gallus day-old chicks into their integration even at a higher price than the average market price is a valid proof for excellent quality.

We do not feed the chicks with animal protein or antibiotics, but we do make use of the optimal solutions for raising and rearing.

We pay a special attention to share our experience and results and to help our clients and partners find the ways of rearing broiler chickens successfully, economically and professionally.

million reared broiler chickens a year

Our consultants are regularly trained so that your business can operate efficiently, in compliance with sector regulations, making use of newest and modern technologies.

Besides personal, tailor-made coordinating sessions, professional lectures and partner meetings are organized, where our clients can regularly be informed about professional updates and best practices, moreover they can dicuss their problems and share their experience with each other.

Fields of consultancy

  • Principles of establishing a site
  • Providing optimal temperature and thermal comfort
  • Designing feeding and drinking surfaces
  • Density of colonization
  • Humidity, CO2 level, air quality
  • Lighting programming, lights
  • Conditions for providing appropriate bedding

Feel free to contact our experts

Our consultancy includes – as per request- a personal site visit and ongoing coordination for all partners.