The target of Gallus-group is to rear top quality breeding birds, as the essence of raising parent stock is to produce quality hatching eggs, which ultimately determines the quality of the day-old chick i. e. the basis of efficiency in the full integration.

The breeding birds are reared in cc. 100 poultry houses that gives 25% of the domestic livestock.
COBB-500 and ROSS-308 boiler breeds are kept in our sites.

The birds live under continually controlled circumstances, in compliance with animal health legislation, and are nurtured by feed that was grown andd produced by the company. The ever outstanding quality is guaranteed to customers by the strict quality regulations and the feed we produce.

million breeding eggs

Annually, the parent stock provides almost 75 million breeding eggs that are hatched in our own hatcheries. Selling breeding eggs is feasable upon individual evaluation only after the customer is audited.

If you have any questions, or would like to buy some top quality hatching eggs of ours, please contact our professionals!