Cobb 500 is one of the best sold chicken types in the world. It leaves all competitors standing in each phase of the production process: from breeding farms and hatcheries to batteries and processing plants.

It is one of the leading types in the world in the market sector of chickens weighing 1,2-3 kgs: among the fresh and deep-frozen products and more and more in the segment of prepacked and processed goods. Gallus Ltd. is the breeding organization in Hungary for the type Cobb 500.

The most important fields of the perfection of the type Cobb 500 are chick reproduction (one more chick a year), size increase in meat for pan (60 g extra a year), efficiency in feeding (0,02% improvement a year) as well as vitality, stronger bones and legs and meat turnout (0,3% more breast meat a year). Cobb 500 is well-known for its reliable breeding value, so our customers can expect good performance and profitability all over the world.

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