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The corporate group covers the full product line from the fields to the table. The scope of operation involves feed production, feed mixing, rearing parent stock and hatching breeding eggs, as well as cutting and processing the broiler chickens raised in the integration and their further processing to ready to cook meals, moreover packing and selling them. This full product line enables us to place top quality, constantly controlled products on our consumers’ tables.

As a service we provide contract hatching, and we offer help in our consultancy practice for farmers in the integration so that they can raise broiler chickens economically and professionally. Besides personal visits to the farms and consulting hours, we ensure the farmers to learn the updates and best practices by organizing professional lectures and partner meetings.

The intent of Gallus-group is to maintain its leading role in Hungary’s broiler chicken sector further on. The company is eager to manufacture top quality products, so it is constantly developing the technologies of poultry rearing, hatching and feeding under the stricktest quality control.

Full integration

Gallus-group produces 2 000 tons of feed a year in fields of 3 500 000 m2. Besides producing feed of its own, it buys feed from partners under strict control. Feed mixing is done on the sites of the company. It is guaranteed by the own feed production, the strict quality regulations and our own mixing that our chickens are fed with top quality fodder free from animal protein and antibiotics, so customers are offered a constantly outstanding quality level.

Our task is to rear the meat-hybrid parent stock of the best quality, as it is the basis for producing excellent hatching eggs. Breeding birds are kept in 100 poultry grow houses of the company, which gives the 25% of the total domestic livestock. Approximately 400 000 parent stock are drawn to production a year. The birds live under controlled circumstances in compliance with animal health regulations. Gallus does not use animal protein, antibiotics nor hormone enhancment in feeding but makes use of the optimal solutions for raising and rearing. Hatching eggs are placed in the hatcheries of the Gallus-group.

We hatch the eggs of our own breeding birds and sell them as day-olds in domestic and export markets. The fact that other poultry meat producers buy Gallus-chicks into their integration even at a higher price than their own hatching is a proof for top quality. The hatchery for broiler day-olds in Devecser was modernized by EU funding: the newest hatching technoology was implemented. It means that it became one of the largest capacity and most modern hatcheries for broiler day-olds in Hungary, where 48 million breeding eggs can be hatched a year. The other hatchery of the company is located in Bábolna, where 46 million eggs can be hatched, so we have a capacity for hatching altogether 94 million eggs annually.

We raise our own broiler chickens as part of the fully integrated operation. The raising process is managed in line with highly set expectations and under constant quality controll. The chickens are fed with fodder we mix that is free from animal protein, antibiotics and we are always searching for the best solutions as for raising circumstances. The security- and remote monitoring systems installed in our plants are designed to constantly check the circumstances set in the regulations, and to send an instant notification to the Security Center if a failure or some deviation is detected. All monitoring results and records are available and trackable, which also ensures to fully meet the requirements of constant top quality.

The broiler chickens raised in our integration are processed in the slaughterhouse in Sárvár. This is the plant where the fresh products of the corporate group are manufactured. The pan (ready to cook) meals are produced in Bakonypölöske, where meat is further processed.

Gallus-group invested 1 billion HUF in the slaughterhouse in 2016, which enables a cutting number of 15 million broiler chickens a year. Besides the slaughterhouse investment, the product portfolio is widened: replying to market requests the volume of fresh products in EMAP (Equilibrum Modified Atmosphere Packaging) and the sale of premium products also have risen. More and more processing and packing machinery arrive to the slaughterhouse in Sárvár every year, while the production volume is increasing too.

The products by the Gallus-group contribute to a balanced diet, thanks to their practical packaging and to their high level of processing, the housewives have it easier and the time spent in the kitchen is shortened. Our company launched the brand „Our chicken” in 2014: the consumer is guaranteed to have a fresh or „pan” chicken that was hatched from a Hungarian egg in Hungary in compliance with the strictest regulations, under constant veterinary controll, raised by Hungarian hands, fed by healthy, controlled fodder produced domestically, which is free from antibiotics, animal protein and performance enhancers. All these features make the brand „Our chicken” a loveable Hungarian brand, which is reflected in the slogan „Our chicken is guaranteed to be well-raised/mannered”. The company is eager to enter export markets by modifying the brand name, so for example the products by Gallus-group are available in supermarkets in Croatia as Naše Pile.