Our main objective is that the quality of our products constantly meets the needs set and expected by our customers. A comprehensive system of quality management and policies have been established to strengthen the customers’ trust and satisfaction as well as our reputation. Each employee – being aware of the fact that the future of Gallus-group is their future too – is committed to contribute efficiently to reach objectives set in quality management policies. Knowing it, they are eager to learn the knowledge needed and are ready to develop life-long.

  • The guarantee for the excellent quality of our products is assured by the fully provided MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 Quality management and HACCP systems as well as by the committed professionals with mostly decades of experience.
  • We developed a system of origin certification and trace tracking first in Hungary in the poultry sector. The full proccess of integration is covered by certifying the origin and trace-tracking, as well as their documentation: from placing day-old chicks, rearing broiler chickens through producing feed to processing and deliviring poultry meat.
  • The full product line is controlled in our accredited laboratory, also functioning as a public animal health service provider, so that our customers can receive top quality.
  • The security- and remote monitoring systems installed in our plants are designed to constantly check the circumstances set in the regulations, and to send an instant notification to the Security Center if a failure or some deviation is detected. All monitoring results and records are available and trackable, which also ensures to fully meet the requirements of constant top quality.

„My grandfather gave me the most important piece of advice for life. I come from a farmer family living at the foot of the mountain of Pannonhalma, and I have always been proud of my roots. My grandfather taught me to be sincere, honest and humble to hard work. At a fairly early age, as a 5-6-year old boy, I had my own role in the daily routine. I helped my grandmother work around the house, took care of smaller animals, shepherded the chicks, ducks, collected the eggs in the evening from the shed. I have learnt it for a life-time that honest work does not humiliate anyone, on the contrary, if it develops deep roots, it will keep him stabile. It is the most important for me to respect my family, my colleagues and every housewives on whose tables I place food. As you cannot welcome your family with a tasty and nutritious dinner without top quality ingredients.”

István Szabó, founder

Quality management guidelines defined by employees of the Gallus-group

  • We find it important to meet deadlines 100%-ly.
  • We make efforts to receive 0% complaints from customers.
  • We intent to provide competitive prices to our customers.
  • We are constantly monitoring our internal operation and searching for spots where improvements can be made.
  • We try to be as flexible as possible.
  • We develop and improve our work conditions and the technological circumstances.
  • We reach for target results level so as to have a long-term innovative development.